The Monster is Alive

On Friday,  the students displayed their new fourth grade monster “Wee Nit Wit”.  The 3-d monster stands 9 feet tall and enjoyed a parade down Main Street on Friday.  More photos and movies will follow.  To visit all the fabulous monsters in this project go to

A Sneak Peek At the Monster

Here is a sneak peek at the Fourth Grade monster this year. The students will cover the whole monster in paper mache on Friday which should be a blast.

Pinwheels for Peace

Way back on September 21 the entire Lafayette Regional School participated in the pinwheels for peace project. This project was started back in 2005 by two teachers in Florida and last year had over a half million pinwheels “blowin’ in the wind”. As part of this project people make pinwheels that symbolize peace. In our school all the students in grades k -6 made a pinwheel. On international peace day the school had a celebration and march for peace. The fourth grade organized this event and created a movie showcasing the celebration. It was the students first movie! Enjoy

Life Cycles

Over the past two weeks the students have been studying life cycles of animals and plants. In particular the students are raising monarch caterpillars and growing a variety of vegetable plants. To better understand the changes that occur during a life cycle of the plants and animals, the student set up time lapse to record their growth. Here is a video a monarch caterpillar pupating. Enjoy and tell us what you think.

Field Trip to Concord, NH

On Friday Sept 25, the students traveled an hour south to our state capitol in Concord, NH.  In Concord, NH the students toured the State Capitol Building and the NH Supreme Court.  The students go to meet Governor Lynch and Supreme Court Justice Conboy.  The governor taught us about a budget and the importance about keeping a balance budget.  The justice taught our students about the value of hard work and how the court system works.  Click here to see a photo slide show of the field trip.

Welcome Friends

Welcome Friends From Around the Globe

Our fourth grade class is nestled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Our students come from three local towns, Franconia, Sugar Hill, and Easton.  We are the only fourth grade class at Lafayette Regional School.  Inside the classroom students are busy building, creating and contributing to the global world.    Our eleven students are eager to start many different projects such as the monster project, global newspaper and pinwheels for peace.   To help complete our assignments, each student is provided with a laptop.   Outside of school the children spend time in the woods exploring the wilderness.  We hope to develop many friendships around the world. To keep track of our classroom and our adventures, visit our website at  Also feel free to send an email ( ) or skype (lafayette41).

–           Your Friends from The Fourth Grade at Lafayette Regional Schoolclass photo